Throughout history, birds and their behavior have been woven into the fabric of mankind. As symbols of power to those of peace… as subjects of art to names of inspirational objects… as a source of food to the fascination of flight, humans have embraced the presence of birds. From the birds’ perspective, this relationship is not quite so entwined. The presence of humans is guardedly tolerated within bounds set by each species, and subject to alteration due to human infringement.

Wings In Nature (WIN) is dedicated to enhancing this relationship within human populations and safeguarding it within bird populations, while sustaining a natural balance in the ecosystem that is shared by both. The primary target is a WIN-WIN relationship for all.

Mission Statement

WIN’s objective is to inspire awareness and enthusiasm for birds, bird behavior, bird research, and birding activities; To support the advancement of birding conservation efforts and practices; To instill in the public, the appreciation of birds and the respect for habitats essential for birds to thrive; To help facilitate collaboration among key entities within the birding, conservation, and like-minded communities.

Strategy for WIN to Achieve its Goals

  • Develop and distribute audio/visual tools that enable birders to pursue their passion more effectively and share their birding experiences more easily
  • Provide stimulating tools and materials for public educators so they may effectively and affordably present the why, where, when, and how of birds and bird behavior in the classroom… So they may provide rewarding birding experiences in the field… And so they may clearly present the benefits of bird habitat conservation and convey how best to achieve it
  • Encourage citizens of all ages to engage in back-yard birding as an introductory step in expanding public awareness and appreciation of birds. In coordination with local Audubon Societies, conduct hands-on workshops to provide fundamental knowledge and guidance to all interested persons
  • Provide backyard birding knowledge to the public via local birding enthusiasts sharing their expertise in preparing bird-friendly yard habitats, in setting up bird-feeding stations, in choosing equipment and field guides, in techniques for observing and identifying birds, in using online birding tools, in selecting and mounting of bird-houses, and the basics of bird photography
  • Provide support services that benefit the local birding community
  • Contribute volunteer and technical services to enhance the efforts of the scientific community
  • Help bridge the gap between the interests of birders, scientists, conservation organizations, landowners, state and federal agencies, NGO’s, community and commerce leaders, citizens, and the donors and partners who provide their generous support
  • Develop activities and organize events that improve communication, knowledge, strategies, and experiences within the global birding community
  • Stimulate economic growth in the local and regional community
  • Generate positive publicity for birding/conservation efforts via traditional and social media, as well as proactive efforts to engage the public’s participation
  • Publicize and provide support to like-minded entities, their events, and their projects. Invite representatives of like-minded entities to participate in WIN events and projects
  • Fully adhere to the birding Code of Ethics as prepared by the American Birding Association