Audubon Christmas Bird Count

The Audubon Christmas Bird Count (CBC) is the longest-running standardized bird census in North America. It was begun on Christmas Day, 1900, by Frank Chapman, curator of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and an early officer in the fledgling Audubon Society. He conceived the...

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Fall Migration is in Full Flight

Sharp-shinned Hawk Wings In Nature has been actively monitoring the hawk migration this season. Flathead Audubon is coordinating the Jewel Basin Hawk Watch and WIN is helping co-sponsor this year’s project along with Flathead National Forest, and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Unique about the...

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The Thrill of Hawk Watching

Each Fall, 21 species of raptors fly southward across North America, as food supplies diminish in synch with the oncoming winter season. These hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures, and kites migrate along well-established flyways in great numbers – diversified in relation to the populations of each...

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Backyard Birding Workshop 2017

WIN conducted its first event for the public on June 17. Birding enthusiasts from around the Flathead Valley, and as far away as New Jersey, participated in the Backyard Birding Workshop. WIN Director of Research Lisa Bate, and her husband Julian Cunningham hosted the Workshop at their super...

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West Valley Sandhill Crane Project

WIN is pleased to support theFlathead Land Trustin its effort to preserve 400 acres of prime agricultural land encompassing a 45-acre wetlands in the West Flathead Valley. Each fall, after crops have been harvested, hundreds of southbound migrating Sandhill Cranes use this land as a vital staging...

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