Our Supporters

A non-exhaustive and growing list of those who have contributed to Wings In Nature and supported the Birds In Motion project over the years. 

Birds In Motion Sponsors

Friends of Wings In Nature

Special thanks to those who have opened up their land, their skills, and their hearts to us

A. Eugene Beckes

St. Ignatius, MT

Abu Nakhla Ponds


Amanda Moors

Tucson, AZ

Andrew and Charon, McFarland

Georgetown Lake, MT

Andrew Barabash

Kemerovo, Russia (Siberia)

Andrey Veselov & Alia Veselova

Moscow, Russia

Barbara Summer

Bigfork, MT

Bob & Trudy Graves

Orlando, FL

Breno De Assis

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bruce Tannehill

Happy Valley, MT

Claudio Serafini

Udine, Italy

Craig Hohenberger

Creston, MT

Creston Fish Hatchery

Creston, MT

Daniel Casey

Somers / Billings MT

Dave Sheldon

Prescott Valley, AZ

Debi Shearwater

Monterey, CA

Denice Sanders

Oaho, HI

Denise Jackson and Dave Glenz

Cudjoe Key, FL

Denver Holt

Mission Valley, MT

Dick & Pam Walker

Kalispell, MT

Edgar Narvaez

Quito, Ecuador

Edy Christiano

Jakarta, Indonesia

Eric Ripma


Eric Tull

Doha, Qatar

Erwin Schlager

Santiago, Chile

Fernando Gallegos

Lima, Peru

Ginger Kuhlmann

Tucson, AZ

Harro Trempaneau

Nairobi, Kenya

Jim Baker

Kansas City, KS

Jim Captain

Lawrence, KS

Joel Simon

George West, TX

John Robbins & Brenda Levitt

Vero Beach, FL

Johnny Saavedra

Mexico City, Mexico

Joshua Covill

Columbia Falls, MT

Larry Henderson

Abilene, TX

Lisa Bate

Creston, MT

Liz Settel

Pompano Beach, FL

Marina Beretta


Mikey Raible

DeLand, FL

Painterboy Mine

Gothic, CO

Pam Koch

Flagstaff, AZ

Pedro Luis Gonzales

Caracas, Venezuela

Pete Fisher

Kalispell, MT

Qin Huang

Guangzhou, Chiina

Ragde Victoria

Quito, Ecuador

Rancho Naturalista & Guides

Costa Rica

Raylene Wall

Polson, MT

Rob Ripma


Sara Worth

Whitefish, MT

Sean Boyd

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Terry Marcille

Portsmouth, NH

Tokyo Skydiving Club

Okegawa, Japan

Tom Forwood Jr.

Willow Creek, MT

Tom Sanders

Oaho, HI

Tomoyuki Kubota

Ota, Japan

Tree Gottshall

Key West, FL

Tweet Caltvedt

Mantua, UT

Val Thal-Slocum & Jimbob Slocum

Tennessee, USA & Belize

Yasuhiro Kubo

Ome, Japan

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